Privacy Policy

GeneFrontier Corporation (hereafter referred to as “GFC”), being fully aware that private information is extremely important for the privacy of our customers, complies with all applicable lows and regulation in respect of private information and make every endeavor to protect that information according to the individual information protection policy mentioned below.

Provided Private Information and Its Use
GFC shall only use private information received for the purpose designated to our customers or permitted under lows and regulations.

Disclosure of Information to a Third Party
GFC shall not without the consent of the customer or without justifiable cause under laws and regulations disclose private information provided by a customer to any third party.

Insurance of Security
GFC shall control, manage and keep safe the private information of our customer by implementing physical and technical measures, educating our officers and employees, and implementing in-house regulation in order to prevent leakage, loss, defamation or unauthorized access etc. of the private information.

Disclosure of Information to a Customer
Where an enquiry or demand for disclosure or correction of private information is made by a customer, GFC shall respond to said enquiry or demand after the identification of the customer or the person entrusted by the customer within the reasonable scope.