How to Order Catalog Products

International sales of GeneFrontier's products are carried out by Cosmo Bio USA.
To request a quote or place an order, please contact Cosmo Bio USA.

Details of how to order:

Cosmo Bio USA's email:
Cosmo Bio USA's phone/fax:    (+1) 760-431-4600

Local Distributor

Please find your local distributor below.

If your country is not list on worldwide distributor list, please contact Cosmo Bio USA ( to inquire.

How to Order a Custom Kit

To order a "custom kit", please contact Cosmo Bio USA by email (
For details on how to order, please visit the Cosmo Bio USA website.

Online Ordering  (Credit Card Only)

Please note that Cosmo Bio USA only accepts payment in US Dollars and that ordering through their online e-commerce system is available only to customers in the USA and Canada.

Click the link above for the ordering site.