We would like to inform that the material for Solution I contained in PUREfrex® kits will be changed because the material we have been using is to be unavailable.

After this change, our quality standards will still be met as before.
But if you experience any problems in your protein synthesis, please contact us.

1. Details of change

For tRNAs included in Solution I of PUREfrex® 1.0, PUREfrex® 2.0 and PUREfrex® 2.1, its source and preparation method were changed.

2. Products and Reagent numbers to change

Product name Reagent Name Reagent No.*
< OLD >
Reagent No.*
< NEW >
PUREfrex® 1.0 Solution I PF001-1 PF001-11
PUREfrex® 2.0 Solution I PF201-11 PF201-12
PUREfrex® 2.1 Solution I PF213-1 PF213-11

* The reagent number can be found on the label of the tube.

3. Applicable date

In December 2022

4. Contact information

We have an inquiry form available.