A paper on CTLA-4-binding cyclic peptides and their peptidomimetic small molecules by joint research by GeneFrontier and PRISM BioLab has been published in Pharmaceuticals.

In this paper, based on information about CTLA-4-binding cyclic peptides and its SAR (Structure-Activity Relationship) obtained using GeneFrontier's proprietary ribosome display technology (PUREfrex® RD), we performed molecular design using PRISM BioLab's proprietary peptide mimetic technology (PepMetics®) to create peptidomimetic small molecules.

As a result, we succeeded in generating small-molecule compounds having PPI inhibition activity with good IC50 (single-digit µM values) against CTLA-4.

Rational Strategy for Designing Peptidomimetic Small Molecules Based on Cyclic Peptides Targeting Protein–Protein Interaction between CTLA-4 and B7-1
Pharmaceuticals, 15(12), 1506 (2022)

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